Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lazy thoughts...

These are the before pictures... as you can see the first one is on the 4th... and the bottom on

yesterday afternoon... Here it is January...mid January.. and we are doing well for the lack of snow. BUT there is promise of snow this week... which makes me wonder will this be like the Thanksgiving snow and the Christmas snow... that disappeared with in 3 days? So will next week follow up with wind and rain? Only to remove all of our snow? Or will it be like 3 years ago, where it started to snow mid January and continued until May.

Also I was thinking yesterday.... that if my dad had lived... he would have been 100 years old.

He passed away at 82. He had heart problems, but he never let that get him down.. a month before he died, he had his sister and cousin in his truck, flying up the highway from Newport, to Providence at 80 mph. Just like he did with them, when they were all in their 20's.

Dad was never one to let grass grow under his feet... Sadly his grandson's all follow suit... My son's as well as my brother's.

He was still farming the summer before he died in Sept. 94. He mowed his own hay, that year.

God Bless... and happy birthday Dad, thanks for letting me be your buddy thru the years.


this afternoon....

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