Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Why do we fight so much over these two?

It was said a long time ago, when I was young… that one
does not bring up the subject in polite conversations, of religion
or politics.

For some years I have heard and later years, had conversations
of such subjects. And it wasn’t a big deal.. I guess because the
group I ran with, wasn’t hardcore in either.

But when you consider it, religion and politics are kind of like
jackets we wear. I wear a blue and beige jacket.. the blue is denim
and beige cotton. My friend has a green one… my daughter wears
a black one from time to time, and my husband wears a black one.

We never would even consider arguing over what color jacket that
we wear. We have see other people in jackets of the same or at
least the same color… yet when we see others of different color jackets
we don’t try to change their minds to wear the same color we do…
Do you? Have you ever told someone they are wearing the wrong color

Yet, politics and religion is like a jacket for us. It is something we prefer.
Some are Jewish, some are Catholics, some are Protestant and so many
other religions. Some are Republicans and some are Democrats, and
Independent and the other parties coming up…Whigs, Americas Elect
and so forth.

Yet you feel you have the right to argue with these people to change to
your beliefs. Going so far to say that yours is the only one and theirs is
Sooooooooooo wrong… Some religions even go so far to tell their
people that those of other religion, will rot in hell because they don’t believe
in theirs. And now it has even gotten so bad, that some are saying the
same about politics and the different parties.

Why is it we can respect the difference of one’s color jacket, yet we can’t
respect the difference of one’s politics or religion? I know the country
hangs in the balance on the politics, but do you really think screaming
at your friend, will want them to change to yours? Are you really ready
to throw your friendship over for the difference of either of these?

If the answer is yes, that is sad.. sad indeed..

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Kay Dennison said...

I actually broke up with someone and politics. I believe that we all have a right to our own beliefs but I resent anyone who won't let up on trying to convert me. I don't try to convert anyone to anything.

I'm not afraid to talk about my beliefs as a Catholic and a Liberal or point out why I think a candidate is wrong but I've reached a point where talking to Republicans is like talking to a wall. And no matter how hard they push, they aren't going to change me.