Monday, January 30, 2012


January 30, 2012

As we go thru each election, be it every 4 years or the 2..
It is all the same.. but the every 4 years of Presidential it
Is so true… Liar, Liar, pants on fire…

They say the definition of Insanity is : doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. But I think the same thing can be said of stupidity, after all, every 4 years we look at the candidates.. we read about the
candidates. And they send out a spin..(they and their committees to
elect). And as they throw out the good word… the catch phases… we the
public believe… we think they will tell us the truth.. How stupid are we?

That includes myself… I thought Obama would be different… yes, I knew he
didn’t have the know how to fight Washington and the Congress… but I had HOPE..
I had hope that he would pick a cabinet that would serve us all well…. I had
HOPE, that he wouldn’t pick cronies, people who gave campaign money…
I thought he would bring up the best of the best… the best financial person.
The best to deal with the rest of the nations..

I do have to give Mrs. Clinton her due in the work she has done. But I had to question… a woman.. even a strong woman such as she… how would any woman deal with the Mid Eastern leaders, who have no respect for women in their own land. And I have to admit she has held her own.. at least it appears so.

So here we are 4 years later… and so far.. it looks like another 4 years of Obama. For the good or the bad.. Because Republicans can’t get themselves
together to get someone … someone.. who is reasonable.. And if you think the
lies are flying now… what until after June. You know right now you can’t believe
any of the Republicans as they fight each other… so which ever one the
Convention decides to throw up again the wall to see if he will stick.. well.. it
Isn’t going to be pretty…

So it is LIAR, LIAR PANTS ON FIRE… but then there is the doing the same
thing over and over again and expecting different results attitude of the voters.


Kay Dennison said...

It's gonna be ugly and the skeptic in me says that nothing is gonna get better for people like us.

Betty said...

Ahem, actually it has only been three years, and barely that. I don't know why people expect miracles when the economy has been so bad for so long. I guess it's that "instant gratification" that we have come to expect. I suggest the presidency should be one term, only, maybe 8 years. Then, they wouldn't have to spend that fourth year of their first terms campaigning.