Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Checking my list, checking it twice....


Calculator, check
pen, check
paper, check
huge folder, check
… check…check…check…

I am not in a hurry, as I won’t have all my paper work until
mid March…but I want to get started on this…now..

I hate leaving taxes until the last minute.. drives me completely
nuts.. I use to do my taxes the next day after getting my
W-2 form from the company. But then things got complicated.
And one of the forms I need to do my taxes, doesn’t come until
mid to the end of March. That drives me nuts..

I have a folder that I save all my receipts for everything…
bought a nut and bolt? I have the receipt. Bought a piece
of furniture? I have a receipt.. food, I have the receipts, out
to dinner, I have the receipt… hair done, I have the ..well, you
get the picture…and I keep them in this folder
and in the slot that is for the month the receipt is for.

So each year that I go thru the folder… I staple all the store
receipts together.. Meaning all of Wal-mart, Home Depot and
etc. Keeping out anything that might help my taxes..but that
is not much. Once in a while I will total all the receipt just to
see how much money we spent… kind of scary… when you
find out that over 20 per cent goes for food.. well, food, paper
products, pet food and etc.

So I will be the one behind all the stacks of papers for the next
couple of days… Happy tax time to you too…

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Betty said...

I wish I were organized. I have a drawer into which I dump my receipts, and still can't find what I'm looking for. Hopeless.