Thursday, February 02, 2012

Political Money

Why is it that every time I hear the complain about class warfares, it is the
rich who are doing the screaming? I haven’t heard a poor or medium wage
person use the word, or complain about it.

With this, in your face Super Pack, (it was hidden before) who are drumming up
and actually getting 10 million dollars and up… for the politicians.. who are the
same ones who don’t want to be taxed more, so to share the wealth. They feel
that everyone should get out and work and earn their own money.. yet they
give freely, to the biggest welfare bums there are…politicians.

I would say, that all this money raising is for the best President Candidate that money can buy…but I think it is better with the best Republican candidate that money can buy. I can remember being horrified 12 years ago when George jr
went into Iowa with 60 millions of daddy’s pals money… and thinking then, the President office is for sale.. And I have doubts it is the best, that they are buying,
as they don’t seem to be too choosy about who they are putting their money

And no, I am not giving the Democrat a pass… they just aren’t in the news right
now. Kind of sad that they don’t even have anyone interested in challenging
Obama… especially when some Democrats profess that they aren’t happy
With Obama. Me thinks, that the Democrats protest too much.

I would love to see after the conventions, that the Federal government take 80%
of the campaign funding away from the candidates and spend it on repairing
all of the roads in the US. Or use it for free college education, being high school
isn’t good enough anymore. Heck with the money these two parties are throwing
around, we might be able to afford both.

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Kay Dennison said...

An idea that's time has come!!!

But it will only happen when donkeys fly!!