Friday, July 01, 2005

4 of July

Bands playing....

What American can not have their
hearts pumping with these words
AND these sounds? I know mine
does. But then I am from the state
that has the longest going 4th of
July parade in the U.S.A. Bristol,
R.I. Rumor they skipped 1944, due
to not enough men to have the parade,
as the men were overseas.

I am sure there are people out there
who will disagree with me. But I
hope they stay away from me. And
that is sad. Because of this great
country, they don't seem to understand
their rights are guarded to be able to
disagree. In fact it seems like a lot of
people who come to this country seem
to be offended by our feelings for our
country. I don't understand that.
But I am from the
Love it or Leave it generation.

I stand proudly as God Bless America
is played.
I stand proudly as the flag
goes by me.
I stand proudly as Veterans
march by.
Out of RESPECT for each of them.

I may not like our leader, but I am
proud of my country. And what it stands
for. I may not be proud of some of the
things that have gone on in our country.
But I still stand by her, as the greatest
of all the countries. Just like all the rest
should stand by their countries. We should
be proud of our countries, without being
disrespectful of the others.

So on the 4 of July, my country's anniversary,
I watch the parades, I stand for the flag, and
the Veteran's , and even tho I sing off key, I
sing my country's song.

I wish you all a great holiday. Enjoy all the
festives that go with it. Eat your hot dog,
hamburgers, and apple pie and watermelons.
Enjoy your family.

I will be back Tuesday, as I am going
to enjoy the 3 day weekend as well.


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God's Helper said...

One Nation Under GOD.
God Bless the UAS!!!