Friday, June 22, 2007

I don't Understand, maybe Someone can Explain

The more I read about our troops...
the more disgusted I get. Not with
our young men and women.. By far,
no. I am scared for them.

Does anyone know why we are there?
No, really, why are we? What have we
really accomplished?

In all this tech world, why is it we don't
have some kind of device that will set off
the bombs that are blowing up our troops?
Surely there must be some kind of a vibrator,
or something... that our trucks can do before
they approach the bombs.

Why aren't we as employers standing by
them? Yes, I know there are a lot of them,
who are. But you read the horror stories about
how companies (like Circuit City) who are firing
their Reservist who they think will be sent
over. Quoting bad workmanship and etc. So
they don't have to stand by and give the job
back to them, when they return. Even when
there is a law to protect that job. But I guess
if you get fired before you get called up, you
aren't protected. You can do great work for
11 years, and all of sudden your workmanship
isn't up to par. Because they are afraid they will
have to keep your job open.

We hear how the wounded come home, and
are dumped because they can't come back to
service. Some of them the hospitals and doctors
leave a lot to be desired.

Why aren't we standing up for them? Every last
one of them. Some join up in a non fighting
position, only to have that changed and sent
over to fight. Medic's are given guns. No training.
We have not the back up troops to replace those
there, in Iraq. So those are asked to (actually told
to) they are staying for 3 more or more months.

Marriages are getting thinner and thinner as the
wives sit her with children. Jobs because they are
not getting enough money sent to support them.
Especially if their spouse ends up in a hospital.

Why are we there? No, it isn't the oil. We haven't
gotten any extra in the past 4 years. We can't
control an area that has been fighting for 2000
years. There can't be peace because not enough
people in Iraq believe in it.

As each member of the service go over, I see
pictures, hear of friends of friends, friend's children,
and I have grandchildren who could be going soon.
A son who could be sent... I pray each night for them.
I pray for the wives and children to understand, even
though I don't understand. And most of all, I pray
they return home safely to their families.

I just don't understand. Maybe someone can explain it
to me, in common easy words, with out the political


PinkAcorn said...

My son is currently over in the Middle East stationed in United Arab Emirates. He says we are there for the oil, if American want to drive SUV's and other gas guzzlers, which I get razzed about all the time, consume plastics and whatever else we use petro for, we need that oil. If you do some research on line you will see he is right. We do not have enough reserves, I mean reserves for the American public. Reserves will go to the military first and that in it's self won't last 5 years. Coming back from Sunnyvale,Ca today I was stuck in commuter traffic five lanes wide..for 15 miles! Just imagine the gas consumed there! Oh, and we need another 20 million illegals here to consume more and more and more.....gggrrrrr

Phil said...

I don't understand it either. I don't know what to say to my kids when they ask about it.

The whole thing is like digging a hole in the desert... You can get enough sand out to make a little impact, but once you stop digging the sand will quickly fall back in to erase anything you might have done.

Dogwalkmusings said...

I think the neo cons (Cheney, et al) really believed we had the power to impose our style of democracy in the middle east. They believed the disenfranchised like Mr. Chalibi who reinforced those thoughts and they had a willing partner in a President who wanted to show his Dad he could do it better.

None were students of the culture. They didn't want us at the outset, they don't want us now. But we broke it and don't know how to fix it without the whole region going up in flames.

It's going to anyway - unless we stay for generations - which is what's being put forward now as a trial balloon.

How it plays out is anyones guess. What's for sure is too many more of our military will die before its over.