Friday, June 08, 2007

This new schedule isn't so bad....

Old schedule was read papers and
have coffee for hour and half. Work
on the computer and read email...
and answer.

During the afternoon, the King would
watch TVLAND shows and fall asleep.

Night time was sit around and watch
the news, and then a few shows and
go to bed.

New schedule
Have coffee and breakfast.
Start on a project. Work
until lunch time. Go back
out until it got too hot.
King take a nap, I would
go meet the girls for
Watch a movie,
eat dinner and go back out
and work on project.

Come in the house in
the evening, listen to cd's
on the stereo, and head to

On rainy days, do inside
projects. This isn't bad at all...

1 comment:

Dogwalkmusings said...

Man, you wear me out just reading about it! But then it's pretty much the same here during the summer months!