Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Retirement Training of the King

Now before some of you get upset,
this is mostly tongue in cheek, ok...

With the King officially retired, I have
had to slow him down. I told him there
is no rush to do things now, because we
have lots of time. And the time to do
things right. The first time around.

We use to do projects when we both
worked. But being I got to retire first, I
learn that those projects were Band-Aids.
I tried to do all of the projects in a day's
time. I was wore out by the first week.
Then it dawn on me... I have lots of time
now. To do a project and do it well, and if
it takes a week, oh, well. If it is a big project
then it could take months. So slowing down
was the first of the agendas.

I told him that our day doesn't start until 9am
like the old banker hours. (remember tongue in
cheek). That he could do some fun things in the
early morning, or just take his time eating his
breakfast and not wolf it down, to get started.
Then at 9am you go out and start.

Next is to forget about your watch. He could
wear it if he wants, I chose not to. As you don't
need to know what time it is, unless you have
an important appointment. And there are enough
clocks around (ever notice that?) to know what
time it is, if you need to know. You find out quickly
that it isn't that important to know what time it is,
when you are involved in a project. In fact some
times, it gets in the way. Like telling you it is time
to eat lunch because it is noon. You don't need a
watch for that. Your stomach tells you. (tongue in
cheek, remember) and you might even work off
some of those extra pounds, if you forget to eat
on time.

The down fall of retirement, the King has found,
that his friends have not, so when he wants to
go play, (fishing, checking out car lots and etc.)
he has to corner me or the grandson. That is
the only downside of retiring early.

But he also has found that he is busy. Busier
than he was before he retired. As he has lots
of projects to do, not only mine, but his own.
His garage has needed a cleaning for years.
He has a 47 Ford pickup in parts all over it.

Also we have the small garage, formerly known
as "YOUR GARAGE, when I get my good big
garage, you can have this dumpy one". It also
needs a good cleaning. I would love to see his
junk out of "My Garage".

So today, the project is...... building the temp.
garage. That is the frame work he saw in a yard,
he had to have. To put over his boat and etc.
I told him, I thought it would be great to have it in
the driveway, and in front of "MY GARAGE", and he
can go thru the little garage and remove things.

If it is good, put it in his garage. If it isn't something
he needs, put it in the temp. garage. We will put a
tarp over it, and when he is done...oh, yea, I guess I
better go thru my stuff too... Anyway, we will open the
temp. garage... and put a sign on it.. GARAGE SALE!!
and get rid of stuff we have hung on to for years. Some
of that stuff is still packed in the boxes we moved here,
and that is 9 years ago.

Who knows, maybe we will have enough for a
dinner and movie. lol....

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PinkAcorn said...

Ah, the good ole garage. I remember ours, the one we paid big bucks for, the two story one with windows so we could build a second floor for my hobbies. I would be able to see to the lake and twittle time away while being creative....Three years later, I nary step food in it. Between the remnants of hay bales (before hubby got his hay barn)and disorganization of everything imaginable you could put in a barn I am sad to say I don't see a hobby room in my future. Wanna come do some training on the side?