Thursday, June 21, 2007

In the Still of the Night

Here it is, in the middle of the night,
or is it morning.. and the clock says
2 am.

I can't sleep. I have lots of friends who
lay down during the day, and catch a
quick nap.And go to bed at the normal
time. And sleep well.

Over the years, I have found it doesn't
work for me. I can't sleep later. But today
or rather yesterday, now, I laid across the
bed and took a half hour nap. Now I am
older so figured it wasn't a big deal. Well,
I guess it still is... as here I am 2am and
can't sleep. I have visited some of the old
blogs I use to read often, I am not tired.

I can't clean out files, because I cleaned
them out the day before in my effort to
put everything on disk. So then I figured
that I should work on a blog for Thursday.
As you can see I don't have anything in
this empty, non sleepy head...

So I guess I will go lay down and hope
I don't have to count sheep, (never worked
anyway) and I know I am going to pay for
this in the morning... when I want to be up,
and too tired to get there.

(note to self: still not old enough for naps,
power breaks.... don't know if that is a good
thing or not)

1 comment:

PinkAcorn said...

Geesh, I should have called you, lol. I was up from 1-3:30. Just one of those nights I guess.