Friday, June 15, 2007

Romance in your Life??

Where is the romance in your life...
Are you taking your spouse for granted?

The answer is more than likely... Yes.
Not on purpose, but life just takes off
and you get caught up in the everyday

Would you ever surprise your spouse?
Would you tell he/she that you would
be taking them one place and then end
up going to dinner and a walk down the
beach, instead?

I think in this day and age of short marriages
maybe we need to stop and smell the roses.
Put a little romance in your life. It doesn't have
to be spendy. Just ask your friend/brother/
sister to watch the kids so you can do a surprise.
In exchange to do the same for them, so they
can surprise their spouse.

Have you put on music at the house, and ask
your spouse to dance. Have you fixed a special
dinner? If you don't cook, bring take out home
and put it on the plates. With some candlelight.

It is the little things that mean the most.
So the question goes back....
Do you still have the romance in your

Or are you the one who just
trudges along, just doing what you have
to do daily? Maybe both of you need a

Carry on... you have the whole
weekend to do something. Breakfast away
from the kids... take out breakfast down
at the beach sitting at the picnic table.
It doesn't have to cost much. No babysitter?
take the kids too... it still can be a surprise.

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PinkAcorn said...

I need a WAY BIG surprise!!!