Monday, June 04, 2007


Some times the best laid
plans don't work out like
you thought...

Case in point, I came up
with this wonderful idea of
having a backyard pit. You
know one of those where you
throw small wood in and burn
it, while you sit around it.
Kind of like a campfire. My
daughter has one, that she

So came up with this area
I wanted. Contracted my
grandson to dig out the
grass in a 10x10 foot area.

Problem one... where to put
the grassy dirt clogs? Tried
two different areas until we
settled on putting them in
the alley that is rutted.
Note to self: come up with
a good idea before you move
things 3 times.

The King took the roller tiller
and used it there so we could
level it out. It filled up the hole with
fluffy dirt.

Contracted grandson, to take
out some of the dirt and dump
it into the low area of the lawn.

Then after leveling it off. By eye.
Not a good idea... but that is what
I did. We filled the hole with sand.
We put the metal pit (some kind of
heavy equipment deal that will serve
for this). and there it sat for 2 weeks.

Put up top tent on gazebo. Sit under
and looking back at sanded pit. Now
known by the neighbors as the cat litter box.

After 2 weeks, I tell the King, as we
sat there looking, you know, I am not
comfortable with this being so close to
the house. He glares at me and said, why
didn't you think of that before the hole was
dug? I told him, he should have told me
that it wasn't a good idea... after all... outside
work, men's work....inside work... women's
work. (you don't want to know what kind of
look I got for that one).

So he says, what the heck you going to do
with the hole now? I told him it would make
a good patio thing to put the gazebo over.
You are always cussing having to mow
thru the gazebo and weed whacking it.
So why not get cement tiles and lay them
there, and put the gazebo over it. Good idea
he said.

Next headache. We have bought 22 tiles.
We have moved them 4 times in how do we
want to have this lay. In a design? At an angle?
We moved the gazebo to the hole area.
Finally decided to laid it out flat square. We went
and got 36 more. That we have to unload today.
After his therapy. Before my exercise class.

When I get another idea, I hope he slaps me
on top of my head. Because we have decide to
rock an area next to it, so we don't have to weed,
and it will add to the looks of the area.

If we are lucky, I will have pictures in a month
or so. I have got to stop thinking about projects.

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Big Piney Woods Cats said...

I don't know if you saw our bbq pit when you were here. It is built into the deck with bricks (my idea.) I saw the picture in Sunset magazine and thought, how cool. We have been in this house 16 years, and I can count on one hand how many times we have used it. Grandkids roast marshmallows, and a few breakfasts when we have company. It would make a nice planter.