Monday, June 22, 2009

Cuban Prisoners/N.I.M.B.


That was the call from Senator from Montana,
even though he has a very expensive brand new
prison sitting empty in his state. And others are
yelling the same.

Yet, those of us over 50 remember stories about
prisons or even camps for the prisoners of war,
right here on our own land. Over 500,000 of them
scattered around the country.

There was one in Texas, Hearn, Texas, where there
was land taken by the government, for German prisoners.
Nazi prisoners. It was taken for 720 prisoners and it grew
to the count of over 3,500 prisoners from 1942 to the end
of the war. Some of those prisoners ended up staying
after the war.

These prisoners were not your home town boys of Germany,
like our farm boys who went to fight over there. There was a
lot of full fledge Nazi who ran the inside of the camp under the
noses of the guards. With underground connections to
other prisoners in other camps and some what to their own
in their countries.... so this was no picnic. Looking at the
pictures I saw, they looked like camps with wire fencing.
Not like the prison in Montana.

So if the Cuban prisoners are sent here, on our home ground.
It sure won't be the first time. And who knows, it may not
be the last time.


Linda said...

Good thinking. Thanks for posting this. It does help to reflect on history from time to time.

Betty said...

I just hope they don't send them to Ft. Chaffee in Ark. this time. That's where they usually want to park them.