Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Militia, am I over reacting?

This was the bottom Tuesday's mornings headlines
in our local paper the Bonner County Daily Bee.
I had read somewhere a very small article about this group
in another paper or somewhere. I remember it because not
only was the subject disturbing, but also their meeting place.

They are in Bonner's Ferry which is about 40 miles North of us.
Bonner's Ferry is smaller than Sandpoint, and has some areas
that remind you of the movie Deliverance. So to have this group
start up.. in the area isn't a really big surprise. But having their
meaning place be a restaurant in Ponderay, Idaho, just a mile
or so away from my town. Well, it just kind of gives me the willies.
If they are from Bonner's Ferry, why are they down in our area?

Then there is the subject. You read the article and it sounds
innocent enough. Just a few good old boys who want to do good
for their community and even the surrounding ones. Will help in
snow storms, flooding, and forest fires and then the kicker....
protecting one's right to bear arms. Sounds innocent enough,
until the last... They meet at Bonner's Ferry City Parking Lot and
caravan from there.....but to where?

They say they aren't a bunch that will be running thru the woods
with a beer and guns... Well, that is reassuring.
But some of the rest of their thoughts are not.. at least not to this
old gal... I could say more, but I better not, I don't want to be
the receiving end of hate mail. But it surprised me that the Bee
had it as a big story on front page, with big headlines, yet didn't
have the story on their online paper at all... were they afraid some
one might find this thru Google? After all we are just finally getting
the story of the Butler and his group to fade somewhat.

It is scary... am I over reacting?


Linda said...

I don't feel those things around me but from what I read they're out there just the same.

Oregon is famous for them.

We've always had these kind of groups but now there are so many of them. I guess as the population grows they grow.

Betty said...

It does seem a bit scary, but who am I to say? The KKK has its headquarters just outside my town, and they haven't caused any trouble. In fact, they adopted a highway and kept it litter free for years.

Ellen said...

I would be keeping an eye out. By their quotes these men are apparently driven by fear. And that can often lead to irrational reactions. They have a typical distrust in the government, then rationalize militias as patriotic. Confused and paranoid with guns, not a good combo for N. Idaho. "Let's go back to the way it was a long time ago." Slavery and stealing land and . . .?
Church groups or other social groups can do as much or more for building a strong safe community.