Monday, June 29, 2009

Health Care Coverage

As I walked by the television yesterday
morning, there was a discussion on
health care and Obama's plan. One of
the ones not happy with it, was a Senator
Grassley, who was talking about not
wasting money on high end insurance. Which seems
ironic when he, being a congressman, like all
congresspersons, has the best of high ended
health insurance paid by ...yes, you and I.

Every time I hear a nay sayer on the health bill,
I have got to ask. Just what does that person
think should be done? After all some thing
has to be done. Or do these people feel, that
not everyone should have health care?

We just had the announcement of our local
free clinic who is going having to close their
doors. Not enough money to run it.

I remember Cliff Arquette, better know as
Charlie Weaver on Hollywood Squares and
other shows... made a remark after his stroke.
He returned to the Hollywood Squares in a
wheelchair, after his recovery. And he said..
"If I was poor, I would be dead". Some how that
remark is still true.

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Linda said...

I read in the paper this morning that Senator Grassley is under enormous pressure not to compromise unless he has more Republicans than the two women from Maine that want a compromise.

Our healthcare has been hi-jacked by politics.