Thursday, June 04, 2009

Second Oldest Profession???

When did being a Congress person become a
profession instead of a representative for your state?
It was never meant to be that way.

When the Forefathers set up the government, it was
never meant to be a full time job. It was to be a part
time service for their state. They were to go to Washington
to sit down to talk and enact laws or policies so the country
could be run smoothly. A month was all that was required.

But now, it is greed, power, how to get re-elected and
oh, yea.. I have people I am suppose to be representing,
as the last thought.

Even the most naive person who runs in their state for the
Federal Congress, gets changed over so quickly.
Or they are run out the next election. Because if the other
Congressperson's aren't happy with that person, then the party
doesn't back them anymore.

With out the party, well, we already seen the switching back
a forth of the Congressmen between the parties. It seems like
lately it has become a swinging door.

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Linda said...

A president serves only 8 years and I propose the same for Congress. After 8 years they owe their souls to somebody other than the people who elect them.