Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Yo Yo and Paying Taxes

Avista wants more money... then word comes out that the rates are coming down,
and then there is more in the news about asking for more money... This is every year,
what is with this?

The media has us in a yo yo effect.... things are getting better ...slightly but better,
and then the next day it is dooms day we are falling down again... then the banks
are paying back the money they got from the Feds. that seems like good news...
but then we are told no, that isn't good news.
The market is falling, the market is doing better.... the daily reports are driving me crazy.
I wish the media would just SHUT.UP.!!
This is like stepping on the scale everyday... each day is different...up and down.

Aren't you tired of the ads about how some attorney can get people off of paying full price
on the taxes they owe... didn't you pay all of your taxes and on time... so why do the ones
who didn't get a break? The break should be the one who did pay their taxes in time. A 10%
break maybe. What happens, they forgive the penalties and late charges AND cut the
amount in half or less. "I owed 4 million, and I only had to pay one million. I owed $450,000
and only had to pay $20,000. What is with that?

How many of you have paid your taxes for 10,20,30 or even 40 years and ever was late?
Even the ones how didn't work for someone else, and had theirs taken out automatic.
There are millions of business owners, who made sure they paid their quarterly taxes,
on time. Cutting short else where, to make sure taxes were paid. Where in heavens name
did they get away with $100,000's to millions of unpaid taxes? To owe that much you
had to make more than I can get my mind around, never mind earn that much.

Maybe the answer is the poor, low income guy, pays, and the well off feel they can wait?
But that is unfair too...because in those millions of business who do pay... there are well off
millions who also pay their taxes on time.

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Linda said...

I am shocked everytime I read about how much money people have not paid in taxes.

Perhaps we're too literal. Tell me to pay my taxes by April 15 and I pay my taxes by April 15.

If they own rental property do they allow their renters to pay rent only if they want to? I'll bet they want that rent the first of the month. If they understand that why can't they understand paying taxes.

I don't understand people who don't want to pay taxes. I think what I pay in taxes is a bargin for the services I use.