Monday, June 08, 2009

Football of Life

I have told my grandson, that sometimes
for parents, life is a football field and game.

When he was little, his mother would run the
field with him. As he ran down the field, she
would be there to run interference for him in
case trouble came along. And we, as grand
parents, ran along the side lines in case we
were needed to fill in for her on the field.

Then as he became a teen and in high school,
he became responsible for his own actions, so
his mother would run the side lines, yelling out
dangers as she saw them, and encouragement
as he ran down the field. And we as grandparents
were in the bleachers encouraging him along. And
ready once again, if needed to fill in for mom on
the sidelines.

Now that he graduated this past Saturday, she now
sits in the bleachers with us and cheers him on.
And maybe occasionally shouting out warnings of danger

And here is The Class of 2009

one tired as he waits his turn
Holding on to hat and diploma

the Tossing of the hats

Friends antic's

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Linda said...

Good comparison