Monday, June 15, 2009

Honey-do's not done

From the front it doesn't look very bad. From time to time, it is frustrating to
try to get the King to do honey-do's.
Some times it takes years. And even
then, they sit.

So what to do? Well, one thing is start
the project yourself.
And then when you get over your head,

You have a 70-30% chance of it being done.
I say 30% not, as I still have orange cupboards
in the kitchen. The King has promised me a
remodeled kitchen for years. To help prompt
him, I painted them orange. Well, he hates them
but not enough to do anything yet but promise.
Even Sandpoint Furniture didn't think it was
ugly enough to pick it for the ugliest kitchen.

But there are other projects I started that he did
finish. These are the pictures of the latest start of
project I did. This tree has been slowly dying. I had
asked him to cut it down to size so we can keep the
windbreaker for our front door, yet get rid of the dead
part. That was 3 years ago. Each year he has said,
I will get to it, this year.

Then he made the common mistake that all men make.
He said those famous words. What do you do all day
while I am at work? The laundry and housework, but
besides that. Are you on the computer all day. BIG
MISTAKE. Especially when I had been letting him off
the honey-do list because of his summer job and going
fishing with friends almost every weekend.

So I was doing yard work, and there stood all that brown
in the tree...I started to pull the stuff out of the tree. Not
only on the outside but the inside too. I stood back and it
looked like hell. So I decided maybe I could cut the tree
to where I wanted it. That worked fine for the 1 to 2 inch
branches. But as you can see I didn't have anything I could
find in the garage that would cut the 4 inches ones.

He walked by this thing 4 times before he came in and said
those famous words of his... "what ever possessed you to
do that!" As I walked by, I said, calmly, "well, I needed some
thing to do, so I wasn't on the computer all day. And you kept
putting if off."

He said you know it is going to die. And I told him, yup, and you
can replace it with that blue spruce you wanted, when it does. But
in the meantime, the dead stuff isn't all over the yard, and I still have
a windbreaker.

Humm, I wonder when he will finish the job? You know, I think I could
probably take one of the cupboards out by myself. I will have to think about that one.
This is where the major part of the dead branches were... more on the right side.

From my dining room this looks like a picture frame hole... maybe if I put in a

planter.. nah...

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Linda said...

Yes, you do have a problem. You have to be very creative to deal with a procrastinating husband. My brother-in-law is like that and his wife calls me often to vent. I told her to do a new assessment of her situation. It may be he's not worth keeping around anymore. I was teasing. They've been married more than 50 years and I've listened to her vent about his procrastinating for 47 of those years. She's grown accustomed to his face now so I don't suppose it's possible to toss him out at this late date.