Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Magazine Procrastinator

What is it about magazines? Why do we allow them to stack
up. I mean to get around to them... but there they are.
The first one with the table..those are the ones
I mean to get to right away. There is Gardening,
Backyard, Newsweek, Time, and Consumer Report.
Why I am so behind in my Consumer Report, I don't know.
Then there is the two books in there and some other
stuff...Papers, Inlander, AARP.
The other one on the foot stool is raining day reading.
There is a lot of Smithsonian, and a few books, They
have been there for a year or two..
I have good intentions..but you know what they say about that.


Linda said...

I cannot allow myself to get involved with magazines. Now that we are apartment dwellers there's no space for magazines to collect, and they always do.

patty said...

i usually finish my magazines as soon as the come in, but lately there doesn't seem to be enought hours in the day!