Thursday, September 24, 2009

Blogging Time

It seems like Spring and Fall are the hardest times
for me to blog. I even try to do it at night time and
post date it. But of late that hasn't worked. As you
can see I didn't get to it yesterday. By night I am
run down and tired.

I have my daily morning routine, paper/coffee, exercise,
straighten up the house, get the wash going if it is Monday
or Thursday... but now I have the yard to deal with again.

In the Spring it is to get it together, to get it started for the
summer. Now it is time to harvest what is left of the garden
after our deep freeze of Sunday. I need to dig up bulbs and
separate them. Cut back some of my plants, and bring in
the hoses, that we aren't using now. So much to do, so
little time.

Yesterday, I took some time out to take a friend shopping
and we had lunch. Friday, the King and I have on our
list, one last boat ride together. Hunting is starting
soon on his list, and the down hill side of his summer job
as it comes to a close. Winter job starting a week later.

So blogging is taking a back seat... So if you don't see
anything new here, believe me, I am alive and well. Just
busier than an one arm paper hanger.


Mari Meehan said...

You're right. It runs in cycles! Lately it seems the cycles are a blur!

MarmiteToasty said...

you certainly are a busy little beaver...... I have so much to do, and what Im capable of doing... well, I cant be arsed LOL