Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Life's little pleasures

Who would have thought that a boat would give so much pleasure.
I have two son's, who also have pleasure riding boats. Both so enjoy
it with their families. So it wasn't a great surprise that we like ours.
I guess it was me, who I was surprised at, who enjoyed it so much.
The King has wanted a boat for some time for fishing. He has had
varies sizes, mostly small. So when he decided he wanted some
thing in the 18 to 20 feet size, I told him he would have to save for
it as our budget was minimum at best.

So two years ago, he started putting anything extra away in a
separate account. If he sold something, he would put it in there.
When he got a retirement job, a quarter of it went into the account.
And finally this year, he found a boat, and the guy was willing to wait
the extra 2 months while the King got his finally money to have the total
for the boat. Then we went on the trip to Wisconsin, that I was saving for.

So now we are into the 3rd week, and God has been good with great
weather. And fishing the King did go with his brother. We wives, got
lunch and met them at the dock and we went out in the afternoon.
It was really a lot of fun. Then this past weekend was so wonderful.
We even took the dog out with us (knew better than to invite the cat).
I really did enjoy going and look forward to next summer. As the weather
is not looking good for too many more, if any. Plus it is hunting time.. And the
signature that I have at the end of my emails which is below, sure does
apply here.

So I will be a hunting widow for a month or so.. hummm, I wonder, what
kind of project can I come up with for this one... hummmmm.

He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not,
but rejoices for those which he has.~Epictetus

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