Monday, September 14, 2009


I was reading my AARP newsletter the other day and
saw there is a new type of fraud. Seem that companies
can send a product to you, for little or nothing, even telling
you it is free. You only have to pay for the shipping and
handling. What they don't tell you, or tell you in fine print,
is they are going to start charging your credit card a charge
for their product or services. So if you don't send it back or
write back and tell them NO, you don't want the services,
or product you will continue to get it and charges will be
adding up on your credit card billing.

One woman found it out by taking over her elderly mother's
bills and finances. Found out her mother had been charge
$80 a month for a service which is doubtful she got, for 3
years!! The mother not knowing or checking, just paid the
money amount to her credit card. Another woman found it
quicker as she and her son have a joint card. And a sum came
in that neither of them could explain. Found out it was again,
a service for free, that the paper work was thrown away because
they had no interest in it.

So when I received a package in the mail on Friday, one that I
did not order, and was quite puzzled about, I read the paper work
with it. And lo and behold, it was for FREE, just $2.95 for SHIPPING
and HANDLING.(which they so convientily charged to my credit card)
with the promise of sending one every other week,
at the tune of $25.95! BINGO, lights and whistles start to ring off.
And my blood pressure surely went up as well.

See I had bought a product from a company associated with this one,
last Spring. Which I sent right back as it was not what was advertised.
I sent it back so they had to sign for it, I called them but only got a
answering machine. Called my credit card and told them I had trouble with
these people and to not accept a charge from this company. They ended up
being able to call the company and told them they were cancelling the charges,
and that there had been a block put on. Then the credit card called me back
and told me about it. But it seems they kept my credit card information, and decided
they were safe enough to use it with their other name.

Which to back track a week ago before this package showed up, the credit card
company called from their fraud dept. questioning two charges. One which I ok'd.
and the other I didn't know what it was. The person said they thought it was a
video game charge. While it was only $2.95 (sound familiar?) they felt my account
had been compromised, so closed the account and had me assigned a new number.
Not knowing who had my credit card number and where it was done, it of course gave
us quite a concerned. We are really careful about our cards and not letting them out
of our sight, asking for receipts given us, and if there is a carbon, asking for that. So
to find out we had a problem worried us. I got the bill and the charge was off and the
rest were ok. So getting the package today was a double edge sword. Relief to find
out the business we used were ok, but mad as hell, to find out I had been slammed
by another company. I called the credit company and talked to the fraud department to
let them know. They are sending me paper work to fill out so they can go after them.

Oh, when I called the company to tell them that I was sending it back, and I was
upset...I was told to hold for the next service person...and then, guess what? no human,
only a recording...tell me to leave a message...(nothing about getting aback to you) well,
am sure they will delete that recording. As I told them, with out cussing, exactly how
I felt in spades!!

So watch out for what you think is junk mail. It could be one of these new scams. Which
I guess there is no law against sending something for free and then charging your credit
card for it. So keep checking your credit card bills, and make sure what you "junk" mail


Anonymous said...

sounds like a case for your local attorney generals office. This happened to us when we took the boys computer to be up graded many years ago. Someone working there signed us up for aol on line we couldn't get the charges off since when we called aol it was not in our name we told them we were not on line and didn't authorize said contract they wouldn't talke to us because we were not the people on the contract. We told them but we are the ones you are billing cancel it no they wouldn't so we had to go to the bank and the police dept and call the attorney generals office to find out who was on the contract. Seems like when we took the computer in to be fixed and used the credit card a former employee at that place stole all the peoples cc numbers and charge aol accounts massive accounts on their cc but aol wouldn't take any of them off so everyone had to cancel that is why i will never deal with aol they wouldn't even take it up with their own fraud dept. We had to cancel the cc and get a new one. We were always careful. my son had this happen to him he got gas used his debit card as usual but his number some how was stole as he swiped it at the gas pump they charged massive amounts to it. Thank god HSN called since he had never placed an order with them before and their fraud dept noticed it was going to a different address then the card address itself. He then went to the bank and massive amounts each day the limit was charged on his card the worse one was 1800flowers on line they wouldn't talk to him or cancel the order or correct the mistake they kept saying they were a calling station and no manger could help and they wouldn't have to know what substation took the call and they had no way of finding out they wouldn't even talk to the police officer so I will never deal with them. my son's card was canceled but the worse part he was getting ready to go away so he had to carry a lot of cash with him. They latter found out that some how around Christmas some one tapped the gas stations companies main computer and stole all the cc and debit card numbers of all the people so it became a national case. We never heard any more but police reports and all had to be done.

One thing I can say we do use our debit card but good old fashion cash never had these problems usless you gave a fly by night sales person or magazine person money and never saw your product or magazine.

Anonymous said...

part 2
It is so sad that we can't trust anyone and must go over our bills so sad. We went out to breakfast sunday and I had to change my order I had wanted a waffle and an egg on the side.Well they said no waffles at this time so I changed it. Now I know they must be frozen or they are to lazy to make up more batter one or the other. Well, when we got the check it had the one egg still on it. We had to get that changed. It was only .99 cents but my change. How many people don't look at their checks real good and get charged for things. We have taken the kids out and my son's girlfriend and been over charged on drinks ops must have pushed the wrong number. So sad people can't be trusted now adays.

How many Times have we come home from the store to find out either items where left behind thanks to the new bagging system they forgot to put the bag in the cart sometimes it is no where in sight guess someone else got it since when you drive all the way back to the store they don't know where a whole bag or things ended up they do make good and you have to get the things again but i took the store credit I was in no mood to go shopping again. latter in the day the store called and said a lady returned my bag that got put in her order by mistake if I wanted it I could come back to the store for it. Nope already had the credit. Other times no matter what store you must check as they scan each item if you can remember all the prices how many times have I come home to find a sales item was charged at full price or an item I bought one of scanned twice.

Oh, or the bank I was in a hurry one day and the girl counted out the money to me I didn't think anything of it. I went right home then started sorting the money into the lunch envelopes and such for the boys needed for school field trip ect and noticed I was five dollars short. I called the bank and they said that they would have to wait until the end of the day until the draw was counted guess what they never found the money so the teller must have pocketed it. Funny thing my mom had the same problem with the same girl a week later and nope the money was not found in her draw. Needless to say the girl after a few weeks I wouldn't go to her any more I would wait for the next teller, she was fired. wonder way a thief she was I do say but did we ever get our money back no. If they found out she was a thief they should have at least made her pay us all back they must have a record of who called.

Now I check my money before I leave the bank or the drive up window.

What a world this has become. CAC