Monday, September 21, 2009

Hunters and Animal Protectors

The hunting season has opened up. Bow is open
right now with rifles coming in shortly. So we will
have the letters to the editors about the animal
cruelty and etc. The call to police for trespassers
who aren't, as they are in the forest land across from
the caller.

But I really don't understand these animal protectors.
We all are, within reason. But the true of the matter is
and most parts of UTAH, OREGON, and upper CALIFORNIA.
Are hunting areas. The northwest has been hunting areas for
centuries. Even the south, Texas, Arkansas and etc. have had
their hunting areas.

So why does a person come from another state to these heavy
hunting areas (Washington, Idaho, Montana and etc.) and think
they are going to change things? Because unless you live in a
gated area or towns, you are more than likely to have at least 50 hunters
who hunted in your neighborhood for years. They aren't going to
change. Neither are the hundred of thousands of hunters in each state.

So driving down your driveway at dawn with your horn blaring and
cussing at a guy/girl or guys in camo/orange with a rifle is not going
to change anything but maybe get you some of your own
language back.

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