Thursday, September 10, 2009

Chance Conversations....

This would be kind of under the heading...
"I didn't know that"

When talking to my cousin who is 5 years
older than myself... we were talking about
our parents. His father and my father were

By chance he mention that he had a fire
alarm in his house as a kid. And also a
phone other than their own. It was for the
fire department that was next door.

Seem when the people in the town called the
number for the fire department, they got my
aunt. After setting off the fire siren for the
volunteers, she went next door and called on
the radio of where the fire was. And then
proceeded to the corner, stopping traffic
for the fire trucks that came out of the station.
That was up to 40 years ago.

Which I said those famous words....

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