Wednesday, September 30, 2009

In Days Gone by....

I was talking to a friend of mine, and we were matching
some of the things we remember. Wonder if any of you
remember them and what else you may remember.

Do you remember when margarine came in package,
and it was white. It had a small yellow/orange bulb in the
corner that you squeezed and it would break and spread
on to the white. And you would squeeze the package and
mash it with your hands until the whole package turn
yellow. Then you open the package to use it?

Do you remember putting the clothes on the clothes line.
You would have a spindle at the house and a rope ran thru
it and the other spindle that was on a pole across the yard?
Do you remember frozen sheets?
I remember one day, talking to a friend before I went in
the house, and I had the corner of the sheet in my hand,
I was bending it back and forth and it broke off in my hand.
Sure caught hell for that one.

Do you remember the night whistle at 9pm. All kids were
suppose to be in their houses with curtains pulled.
You had dark curtains.

Do you remember practicing getting under your desk at
school, during the WW II and Korean war.

Do you remember drinking out of the hose and playing
hard ball. Where you kicked or threw the ball at a line
of kids. You squared off with equal amount of kids in
each of the 2 lines. Wonder we didn't get hurt. Must have
been tougher kids in those days.

My friend remembered rationing of gas, sugar and silk
stockings. Women took a eye brow pencil and drew a
line down their legs. So people would think they had stockings on.
Heck we don't even have lines down the stocking now, do

And we remember when everyone paid cash for everything.
If you wanted something from the store you could put it
on lay away.... and when you finish paying for it, you got
it. If you wanted a car or house, you could go to the bank,
and if they decided you were a good risk, you could get
a loan for them.

I don't know if it was the good old days or not... but kids
today sure missed out on some great times.

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