Thursday, October 01, 2009

Why do men make things so complicated?

I have wanted to redo my kitchen for 10 years
and a new door in front for 4 years.

But for some reason, the King has made
these such big complicated problems. Making
them more expensive than how I would go
about it.

The door is easier to explain, so will go with
that first. See our door is 31 inches wide. Big
problem when bringing in any kind of large items.
Be it a refrigerator or couch or even large chair.
The last chair turn out to not be so bad as the guys
could take the back off. And I guess when the
s-i-l and b-i-l surprised us with the couch while
we were gone, they had the same options.

But the King and I have wrestled in two
couches, with just short of divorce words,
said. And the guy who delivered the freezer/
refrigerator 11 years ago didn't fare much better.
Do you know that Sears guys can cuss and
throw tantrums? He threw his tools on the
ground, and we had to remove our grandson,
so he wouldn't learn new words. After 3 hours
a door removal of the item, it was wrestled in
to the kitchen and placed. The guy took off with
in seconds of us signing the paper and plugging
in the item.

So I would like a 36 inch door. It needs to be replaced,
as it has spaces on all sides. The wall will accommodate
the extra 5 inches. So I figured that the supplies to
open the hole bigger will run about $100 to $150 and
the door about $350 to $450. But no, the King has
better idea, tear off the porch, make the entry bigger,
and I see over $2000 in view.

Same thing with the kitchen. I thought we could do
a section at a time, and pay as we go.. he figures,
no, we need to take EVERYTHING out, walls and etc.
and then do the whole thing at one time. I see months
of running to the garage to get kitchen stuff and thousands
of dollars up front. Meaning never. Where I could have done
a section for $500 at a time.

Maybe men go for the bigger and more expensive
project, in hopes the wife will forget it. Knowing the
big money isn't easy to get in one lump sum. But
some how we have over these years gotten two boats,
rifles, lean to for his toys, raised gardens and etc.
Well, you get the idea.

I am going to have to reconsider my approach to
these projects of mine. I wonder if my old stand
by will work. You know, where the wife takes it
apart and then the husband has to fix it and put
it back together? Got to go, got to write this down,
you know how our memories are these days. lol...

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JeanieSpokane said...

Funny! I have the same problem, only I tried the other way around. I need my bathroom completed (this is a long story, maybe I should blog about it), since Mechanic Man took down the shower walls to see if the support posts were ok, in preparation for taking the floor up (I stopped him on that one) to see if the joists were ok, in order to re-seat the toilet which is loose (and still is ten years later). I have a tub surround in my living room waiting for the door removal, and the floor removal, and the wall replacement, and, and, and - for the last ten years. I figured what I should do is just hire a guy to do all this for me for about $500. But NOOOOO, says, MM, he can do it cheaper. (ten years later)