Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Flying again....

We have been informed that our kids are kidnapping us next February,
in honor of my forth coming 70's birthday in April. We don't know where
we are going but entails, flying.

With the new policies (and yes, I have flown several times since the
strip show of Homeland Security) and then add on top of this.. the biggest
fear of any passenger....inattentive pilots.... we hear about the TWO
inattentive pilots, who took off their headphones (WHY???) to discuss
schedules. Isn't this up there with text messaging while driving? Although,
if they were text messaging, then they would have got the message,
that they over shot the airport. BY OVER A 100 MILES!!.

This wasn't always the case. I flew out of Providence, R.I. in 1958, on my
first flight, to Florida. Considering I only left R.I. once in my life... and rarely left Newport
County in a car, that was a leap of faith.Especially raised with a mother whose
thoughts were, if God wanted us to fly... he would have gave us wings on our
bodies. But at 18, one is brave.

Then I flew from the West Coast to the East Coast so many times, I
can't remember... but it sure was over 20 times. Even when one time
there was a water leak, that didn't shake my thoughts of flying. I knew
O'Hara like the freeways of our area... And knew if I flew in on one side,
I was guaranteed that I was flying out of the other side, 2 stories difference.
I knew the subway, the stairs and how to do it the fastest. So flying
was no big deal...

And hopefully, I remember those feelings come February. Because right
now, I am wondering...Do you think when I enter the plane, if I ask the pilot
if he is going to be paying attention all the time, he will be insulted?


patty said...

i think that is a good question to ask, make sure he doesn't have his laptop in the cabin with him!

PinkAcorn said...

What ever they were doing, texting, using a laptop or sleeping they should be fired. Ignoring traffic controllers and warning lights in the cockpit? hello?