Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Penny Candy Stores...

I am sure everyone has gotten the email about being
"Older than Dirt". You know the list of things they
ask do you remember.

Like the pop bottle with a cork stopper with
holes on the metal top. Which those of us
over 50 know that it was used to sprinkle
water on your clothes, before there were steam

Also the mention of penny candy. Do you
remember the local penny candy stores.
Where we probably sent the owners to
early drunkenness. With our constant indecisions
of which candy we really wanted, changing at
least 10 times or more before we finally settled
our bounty.

At Halloween, those could be wax vampire teeth,
big lips, and mustaches. And of course the many
other choices of different colors of candy, malt
balls, and tiny wax pop bottles, about 2 inches high.
Filled with Kool-Aid type juice.

My favorite was double bubble (it was a inch square
of bubble gum). Which got me in trouble and I got
kicked out of Brownies.

So those of you over 50, do you remember a local
penny candy store? Which Halloween candy do you
Did you drive the owner crazy?

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Dogwalk said...

Visit the Candy Palace in Phillipsburg, MT!

After my Dad retired, they built an old country store in a resort area outside Pittsburgh. They had a great penny candy section. I worked it many weekends back in those days and loved every minute of it!