Wednesday, October 07, 2009

For Free....

We all get them in the mail. Calendars,greeting cards
and address stickers. All for free ....sort of.

All you have to do is send in a few dollars.. from $10 to
$100. It is all for a good cause. And if you happen to
send in any money, and sum..... you will have at
least 20 more with in 3 months. In fact you will have
enough stickers for a life time with in a year or less.

You name the charity, cause or what ever and
your name is on the list. No way to get away
from it, Move and they will find you.. Die and
your relatives will be getting them for you for
up to 5 years.

Some times even longer as we stopped getting
for the King's mother 5 years after. Yet here it
is 9 years later and someone found her name,
sold it and we are getting a second round of them.

So when you get the calendars, cards and
address stickers... what do you do with them?
Do you send money? Do you throw them away?
Or do you use them, and shred the envelope and
request sheet?


patty said...

i use them, no guild about not sending donation, especially when they are sent out of the blue

MarmiteToasty said...

I usually keep the free pen and put the rest in the recycle bin :)- sometimes you have to fill in names and addresses of friends that might like to receive and help them, then I often fill in the names and addresses of people I dont like LMFAO.......
you know, pass it forward pressie LOL