Monday, October 19, 2009

Holiday Chores....

It is now the start of some of
the chores of the holidays.

Some people who do crafts for the
holidays are finishing up their gifts.
Others are starting their cooking of
cookies, cakes, breads, and jams
to be given away at Christmas.

For me, it brings back a memory.
As I was cleaning out a cabinet,
which became a catch all of junk,
I was cleaning dishes and etc.
These were dishes that were down
below in a cupboard part. And dust
and dirt had gotten in there over the

One dish in particular kicked in the
memory. As it had silver part to this
dish. A combo glass bowl that fit in
to a silver holder and lid for the bowl.

My years at home, every November
it was cleaning of silver ware of all
kinds and styles and shapes. I hated
that chore.

Black color soap, brushes, cloths.
Scrub but don't scratch, polish by
lots of elbow grease. Which had nothing
to do with elbows or grease. My mother
had dishes, plates, and silverware, meaning
forks, knives , spoons and serving spoons.
It would take hours.

Even when I moved back for 4 years as adult,
I got recruited for silver polishing duty. Which
didn't seem quite so bad, but still not my favorite
thing to do.

I don't remember my brother doing it while I was
living there. But maybe he had it when I moved away.
I, luckly, one have one item...

Also the other polish job I had all year around is the
copper bottom pots. That involved salt, and lemon juice.
I never own a copper bottom pot because of that. They
look beautiful when polished... but I hated the cleaning
part, especially if I had cuts on my fingers.

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MarmiteToasty said...

I use to have to clean me muvvers bloody brass ornaments LOL hence I have no brass in my house now LOL