Monday, April 05, 2010

An now I am 70...

Look at this face…
What do you see…
Do you see the winkles and
ages spots? Or do you see me?

What you don’t see, is the little girl
who rode horses and had a goat for a
pet, as well as cat called Skid Chain.

You don’t see the girl who worked
at schoolwork as well as played
baseball… but a loner at the dance
floor. Who would be thought of
as a nerd of today’s phrases.
Whose only memory from classmates,
Is a smile and a pony tail.

Or the mother of 8, herding her group,
thru grocery stores, and laudratmats.
Traveling thru the western states, following
husbands and children in tow. Or the many
camping trips with only sleeping bags placed
by the river bank, with a campfire in the rocks.

Or do you see the grandmother of 17, who
plays as well as give loves… be it the water
balloons, or squirters, or even digging in the
dirt. Running down the field with a grandson,
as he practices soccer? And giving out hugs
at all times…

Maybe you can see the bits of a nurses aide still
left after so many years, with the caring, and tears
of many that went before or the joys of rehab successfully

Wife, Mother, Grandmother,Great grandmother, Aide.
Quietly and silently helping out when no one could see.
So many names this old face claims… so what do you

I see that old person in the mirror, who covers over the
past dreams of great things, that never came to be. The
the free flowing dancer, the traveler, the teacher of life.
And still those people live inside this old body of today being 70,
with hopes of……… someday…
With my heart still flowing with the music and breeze…


Betty said...

I see a very interesting lady. Happy Birthday to you, and many more.

MarmiteToasty said...

I see a dear and beautiful friend, filled with life and love....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear sweet you... I'll break open a bottle of red tonight in honour of YOU.... may you day be filled with love and laughter and much cake :)



MLove said...

I see a friend and a wonderful, thoughtful human being.

Happy 70th to you, Cis.

Have a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

I see someone whosegenerous, loving and kind life has touched and changed many other lives. I see a very good friend who bails you out of a strange and lonely road. one that i was lost on and you came to find me and guide me back to the right road.

Anonymous said...

I see the most amazing and wonderful Mom & Nana ever. I love you ... Happy Birthday! Love, Jeanette

patty said...

Happy Birthday!

Dimple said...

I see a neighbor I haven't met, yet. I'm a couple of days late, I hope your birthday was a good one!