Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I joined Face book a year or so ago, to be able to see pictures my kids put
on there of their families… and this past 8 months has been more active
than I have been in it… And I have found out news about my children and
their families a lot quicker… and put a few things up from time to time..
I even played their game? Garden.
So I would check in, then scroll down the home site and see what
everyone was up to and sometimes interact with them… then go
water my flowers, and feed the animals and water other gardens…

But this past weekend has been an addiction…. See you can become a
fan of different Face book pages for different causes, business and such.
So what became my addictions????
“You know you are from Aquidneck Island when”
I am from the island called Aquidneck in Rhode Island. It consist of
3 towns. Portsmouth, Middletown and Newport. I was raised in
Middletown. Named for the obvious reasons.

Anyway, the page is only a couple days old and they already have over
1500 fans and people keep coming back and putting more and more
back in. So you have to keep going to the end to see who wrote after
you did. And it is getting longer and longer…. You can comment and
then go down to see who commented nears yours, come back up and
there is a whole new page of comments.

but I did see some people from the past.
I saw a daughter of a horsewoman who use to compete against my
mother in horse shows. They were rivals for many years…
in many horse shows….
There are two people I know, because I went to school with her since
6th grade and her niece. But we email and Face book contact each other.

What is so interesting is the places.
So many places we know. So many place that they know, that took the place of
what we knew… and trying to remember all the place we can. Especially those of
us who moved away many years ago… And people we knew as children. Town
characters, teachers and such.

So would you, if you see a place you can comment on,
where you grew up? Would it be addictive to go back
and remember different places, people from your childhood

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Anonymous said...

I joined fb over 7 years ago reason my son to talk to others when he was deployed. Okay then you know what happened I forgot about it for about a year and My sister in law befriended me and then I noticed most of the people had left. But for some reason people I went to school with started befriending me and now I play games with them and one person who need it for therapy playing the game that is good for coodrination and memory. And then my son joined and that is the only way I get to talk with him almost every day. I was giving up my garden then hurt my back helping my mom and found out that if I have the flowers growing and farmville and the ones Kev plays it keeps me from over doing it. I take an afternoon break to do it and early in the am why early am kev might be on. SMILE. Yes can be addicting but then when my real garden starts and I am doing way to much yard work it will give me a time to stop relax and catch up on the animated garden and farm and maybe see my son on.