Wednesday, September 29, 2010


At the early dawn we headed to the woods…
As we entered the dirt road, it was daylight.
And we drove for miles up a winding road…
Just as we had been doing since last Friday.

After meeting a few hunters along the way,
we saw a sloping field… and like so many
other times, we thought we sure don’t want
ro see a moose there, as it was so far down..

And then, there he was.. I actually saw him first.
Which is weird as the King always sees them, and
had to point them out at great difficulty to the blind
lady… me…

But there he was, I grabbed the King’s arm as
he was looking out his window, and said LOOK!
Are those horns… he lifted up his binoculars.
Yes, but the moose was on the move… and
the King said there is a road below, maybe we
can get there before he does… so down and
around the hairpin turn. Stopped, the King
jumped out of the truck… up on the bank he
went to a large tree about 60 feet in. And BANG!….

We went down to where the moose was.
The moose had fallen just 25 feet short of the
road. Thankfully Ken had built a boom with
electric winch… we were able to bring the
moose out to where we could work on it…

And work we did. Off with the head and antlers.
41” spread…. Then gutting to make it lighter.
Up on the boom, oops… still more moose on
ground… Back down and cut in half… and
after much ado… the whole moose was in the
truck… and heading for home…

The moose has been check in at the station, cut
skinned, and hanging…
AND THE KING IS HYPED… a hunter story for
a live time…What a day, it was a blast. It was wonderful
to see him so happy. We worked hard, side by side and I
wouldn’t have missed it for the world…


MLove said...

Congratulations to Kenny and his hunting assistant.

patty said...

i can smell the stew and roast now

stebbijo said...

Awesome story! Nice.