Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tea Party and such

As I watch the news and see the Tea Party
in their attempts to redo the Congress, I wonder,
somewhere, were it is about us?

I see them riding Sarah coattails down the road,
as she runs around the country spreading her
approval of each of the candidates.

I don’t see any substance. Running on the
“throw the bums out” platform. Telling how
the good old boys need to go. But what I want
to know is what do they plan on doing for the country.
There isn’t anything said about that… except maybe
turning different laws and policies around and getting
rid of everything. But they don’t seem to tell us, what
exactly do they have, to replace anything. Or what new
plan do they have.

The scary part is that many of them might get in there.
Look at all those who came to the Beck bash in D.C.
For everyone of them, there are two who couldn’t afford
to go, or didn’t want to travel that far…

And when that Tea Party person gets in there, then what?
Are the good old boys as they call the senior congress
persons, going to let them do anything. And what committees
will they be on? They might find themselves like most freshman
Congress person, pretty much toothless… So how will they
explain that to the people who voted them in? Will they be
voted out as fast as they went in?

And Sarah? Well, she reminds me of the saying going around
about Liberace in the 1950’s… When people were making
fun of him, and they say yes, but he would be laughing allthe way to the bank… Sarah is pretty much the same..


Margie's Musings said...

You are so right! The whole tea party thing scares me. Most of these people really don't have a clue. And all Sarah Palen does to talk about the things she wants to see gone. She has no plan. She really reminds me of a female Bush, who really didn't have sense enough to keep his advisers from running the country, getting us into another war that cannot be won, and doing away with all regulation on the rich corporations which brought on this terrible recession.

JC said...

Tea party scares me too. I do think the "good old boys" need to go, but the new ones in line don't seem any better. Need to go back to the way the country was meant to be run, politicians was not a career, new blood and new ideas were meant to be exchanged. Voting was supposed to be based on what was best for the country and not just because your party or lobbiest want it.

Sarah is a joke ... I disagree with the "she reminds me of a female Bush" though. Bush was not our best president nor was he our worst, but I think she could be just that if she ever got in. She has no clue about pretty much everything. Every time she opens her mouth, my opinion of her lowers.