Wednesday, September 22, 2010

To Kindle or not to Kindle

I have seen the ads for the Kindle for
some time. The prices were over $280
so I knew there was not going to be a
Kindle in my future any time soon…

But of late, I see the temptations of
lower prices… even as low as $139.
Which is still out of my price line but
a little closer to it. But something I
could afford, say in a year or so…

But the other thing is I love books.. the
real deal. But of late, I look at my book
case and see the books that I have chose
to keep over the years, after culling thru
them several times.

I had a 8 foot bookcase by 7 feet that my
late husband built for me. But when I sold
our place out in Vay 20 years ago, I left
the book case. As it was too big for my
apartment I rented. So I went thru the
many, many, many books I had and gave
away to friends, book stores and second
hand stores. Going from 4 shelves of
cook books down to about 1 shelf now
on a small 4 foot by 3 foot bookcase.

Even now I have one shelf of cookbooks,
and 1 shelf of health books, half a shelf
of different types of bibles and several
shelves of novels of all ages and subjects.
The others are dvds, these are on my two
small bookcases.

And I think about the Kindle and how I could
get rid of half of those, but will I? Would I
read as much as I use to? I cut my reading
by at least 2/3rds when I went to work 24
years ago. Found myself falling asleep by the
first half page. Unless it is a book that really
grabs my interest… Use to read all the time.
I use to hold a book in one hand and cook with
the other. Be up until 2am sometimes so I could
finish a good that was so good I wanted to know the
ending… Had a book in the car, so I could read if I
got stuck in traffic, or a doctor’s appt. or anywhere
else I would have to wait. Now I can’t stay awake.

The other question of course is, am I smart enough
To know how to download books on it, and do I have
to have fast speed server to do so. As my dial up
is so slow I can’t even watch a 3 minute U-tube show.

So the question … to Kindle or not to Kindle…
$139 is a lot to lose if I forget it some place, or
it gets stolen, compared to a $24. book


Margie's Musings said...

I have had the same struggle. But then my life now is a financial struggle. I sure shouldn't use any of my meager savings to but a Kindle.

And I too have hundreds of books.

Toni said...

We go to the library! Price is right and they have a fantastic selection. If you know of a book you want, have them hold it for you if it is gone. Or they will order books, too. Personally, I hate to think books will become obsolete to another handheld device. Sometimes I hate technology!!!

MarmiteToasty said...

Ive done the cook and read when Ive had a book that I just couldnt put down lol

Ive also fallen asleep in the bath with a book and awoken to the water being red where the dye had come out of the cover of the old book, thought I had bled to death in the bath lol

I would NOT like a kindle..... I love books way to much.... and even though I love old second hand books, I do LOVE the smell of new books and being the first to open the pages....