Thursday, September 02, 2010

My A.D.D. Day...

Wednesday was definitely my A.D.D. day.

It started out kind of wobbly… I set my alarm
for 6:30am like usual, but when I got up it was
gloom and doom like weather and cold had crept
in past the AC unit. The dog was under the covers,
and I thought… I am 70 and can do what I want.
And I wanted to be warm… so I joined her.

I was up at 8, coffee cup in hand and getting the newspaper.
Turn on my computer…yes, I was suppose to be doing my
exercise by that time…but figured what the heck. See I don’t
turn on my computer until I have done my exercises.

Well, the next few hours went kind of like this… answer an email,
or two… and then got another cup of coffee, and read the paper a
little. And it dawn on me that I should be doing the laundry as it is
done on Thursday and Sunday. And I didn’t do it on Sunday with
guest here. So off I went to get the laundry, but as I went by the
bedroom, I saw I had not made the bed… which reminded me I was
going to change sheets today. So stripped it out and threw them in
the living room. Off back to the bathroom to get the wash, when I
saw the garbage can, which reminded me that Thursday is garbage
day and we put it out the night before (I put it out in the afternoon
before) as he can arrive at 7am. So took out the garbage, which meant
gathering the rest of it Back to the bathroom to get the wash… opps,
haven’t remade the bed… so got a sheet out that I got from a yard sale.
No it isn’t Queen like she is Full. Get another out, and made the bed,
and the door bell rings, ….. as I started to open it, I look down at my legs
and it dawns on me… I have my pj’s still on… So there was my friend Marianne, dropping something off for me…and it is at least 10 am, and I am in my p.j.s….
Too late to run to change. You just go for it, it is what it is…
See I usually dress right away in the summer (I am more lax in the winter) so
never gave it any thought in my running here and there…
Well, the rest of the day, even after I did put my clothes on, didn’t get any

I decided it is no wonder I am brain dead…. After all, look at what I have given
up. Spelling…spell check. Phone numbers….quick dial, License plate numbers, no one ask for them anymore… no wonder my retention skills are broke…

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Dimple said...

Thank you for the laugh! I recognize this day, I have them regularly!