Monday, September 06, 2010

Labor of pictures

These are some of my fav pictures.... for humor or beauty

Our cat Rokon from time to time thinks she is human... and sit as such..

I liked this one because the grass shadows on to Misty... with dandelions in the background

with her head held high, she looks regal.

This flower looks so perfect.

I loved the color of this one...

The purple and white seemed so perfect in rhythm.

This is a picture I happen to get... it was almost passed by, as I grabbed up my camera

just in time to get this little girl as she was carrying her puppy.

We headed out to Brush Lake a year or so ago... and when we arrived early in the morning,

the fog was just lifting off of the lake...

The King tolerates my blog writing... he doesn't see what the big deal is.... but when
he was heading to Sandpoint by the way of Boyer Street, he called me and told me
to get down to the bend in the road by the airport ASAP, and bring your camera, as
this will be a great story for your blog. And he was right, as none of the newspapers
got the picture... What happen was the airplane was landing and a deer ran out on to
the runway, and hit the plane, spinning it out of control into the fence.

I love the turning of the leaves... and this was one that I came across last fall...

As I was walking the path around Round Lake with my daughter last fall, we came to this
spot that seem like a window to the lake.

My lazy cat....

These two pictures are of a cabin we came across up in the hills behind Clark Fork,
look at it careful and see what intrigued me.

it was the tree growing out of the roof of the cabin....

This is another cabin not too far out of Clark Fork... makes me wonder, what was the
family like? What were their times like? As when this was new, it had to be a wonderful
sight for the family.

When we got Misty, Rokon was about 8 months old... here Misty is about 4 months old...
Rokon was playing with the woolen belt when Misty saw it wiggle and grabbed the end.

Winter scenes.... the bleakness of the branches in the cold winter..

The fir tree with snow on it, and the street orange like light highlighting the picture

Two winters ago, we had a track that went around the yard for Misty to play in and
exercise. One day I put her up on the top of the snow. As you can see our 4 foot fence is
almost hidden. Misty looks out as if to say, wow, there is a life out there... Schweitzer Mt. is in the background.

Here the birds were seeking shelter is the bush...

The fall colors... I saw this tree on the way to the post office last year....

Same tree this summer.....

Misty sits like a vulture, as she scouts out what the King is eating... and in hopes
that he will feel sorry for her.

One of my favorite flowers.... I love pansy's because they look like smiley faces...but I
believe these are from the violet family... they are commonly called Johnny Jump-ups
because they jump up where ever they want. In the rocks, in the driveway, in the middle
of the yard. I even had them come up by a water fountain..

I was weeding around the Johnny Jump-ups when I looked across the fence and there
was Misty, helping me pull weeds. And here is the ones that came up.... by my fountain.... I could not have planned this
any better...

So hope you are enjoying the last holiday of the summer.... it always seems so short.
I know we have some more warm days left and of course Indian Summer..(I wonder is
that political correct?) and the fall colors to enjoy...

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Toni said...

great photos, Cis. Thanks for sharing