Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Are you a good neighbor?

I think I am… I know the King is. Heck, he knows all the neighbors. Where a lot of them could pass me in the store and I wouldn’t recognize them. Like my neighbor who lives across the alley from us. I have talked to him once or twice. And I have join the King in talking to her twice. Their son join the reserves and I wrote several letters and sent pictures of what was going on and telling him what was going on in the town while he was away at boot camp. But recognize him… sorry, but the honest answer is no. The neighbor to the north of us, is one of the King’s best friends. And I have talked to him across the fence many times. And yes, I would recognize him at the store. Yet we have lived here for 12 years, and the first time I was in his house was just 2 weeks ago. The neighbor to the south of us, is a woman about my age. The land that she put her modular home on, use to be her dad’s. Now, she and I have more of a friendship. She has been fighting Cancer for about 5 years. So the King has mowed her lawn and removed her snow for her for the past 3 years. I have done several yard projects for her. Now that she is in remission, she plans on doing more of her outside work. When she was the sickest, we would pick up her mail at the post office, and the King drove her to Cda, for one of her treatments once. So I would say we are good neighbors on that side. Our neighbor to the west is a company and we did call the police once when we saw something who was acting weird over there. which they appreciated. And they are a good neighbor as they and their crew are pretty quiet for a busy company. Now on our block there are, 8 houses. I know 4 of the neighbors. The King knows them all. Guess I am just a quiet neighbor. So what kind of neighbor are you?

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