Thursday, April 28, 2011

papers, papers,papers....everywhere

I worked last week for 3 days. To fill in for a friend
so she could be with her mom thru eye surgery.
So I ended up not getting some of the small things
done. Among them is papers, not just newspapers,
but mail excess, and some others.

Then came the beautiful days, almost 3 in a row.
I was outside all day each day, doing yard work.
So I look at the dining room table and the little table
next to my chair, and I see scattered papers of all
kinds. Parts of newspaper, that I figured I would look
at later. Mail that wasn’t that important but now there is
8 or more. And warranty’s registrations to fill out…
Paper work, paper work, when will it stop… lol..

How can just a couple days throw me off so quickly.
So now I have the small table clear out, and the dining
room table (which became a catch all so fast) is next.
Thank goodness for a raining day tomorrow. Lol

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