Thursday, April 07, 2011

Waiting, Waiting.... waiting..... waiting...

I hate waiting… I am not a patience waiter either. I don’t care what time you tell me when you are going to be here…but be here when you say… I can deal with an open time, like between 1 and 2… but come 2 and you are not here? I get antsy, and if it is more than 15 minutes later than 2…. well, I am not in a good mood. You are wasting my time. If you tell me a day and can’t pin it down to within an hour or so I will probably not agree to be here.... and I am not crazy about …”well, sometime in the morning” or “sometime in the afternoon”. Surely you can pin it down to within the hour… after all I will tell you when I will be there… some times I will arrive 5 to 15 minutes early… because I don’t want to waste your time. So dealing with servicemen, delivery personal, and etc. is far from my favorite thing… And then it depends on how badly I want what is coming. Lately I have had to wait. Some weren’t bad as they did come within the hour they gave me. Or 5 minutes later. But one who wanted a favor, stood me up completely…. Guess what… never will agree to that person again… There are not only phones but cell phones… it is rude to not call, if you aren’t coming or going to be way late. And don’t even get me started on dinner guest who show up an hour late. They will get a pass, if they call and it will be not too bad.. But I am not going to wait, and surely not going to have the other guest who were polite enough to come on time, wait for you either. Had a family member who could be from an hour to 4 hours late. After the first time, I told that family member … we are eating a this hour… we will wait 10 minutes… if you aren’t here… we will start without you and you can have left overs warmed up. I am sure over the years the word that starts with a B, was an adjective to use when talking about me.. but I think it is out and out rude to be that late… I wouldn’t ask anyone else to wait for me.. and I sure would call, if something unknown came up.

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