Tuesday, April 12, 2011

No room at the Inn

We have decided to replace our carpet in our house.

The Living room and hall way that is.. After much

deciding on what we wanted… the King went and

picked out what he thought we wanted (he did a good

job of color) ordered it and put down the deposit as a

surprise for my birthday. That was the easy part.

Now we have about 2 weeks to clear out our living room.

And my hall closet, if there is any left over, they said they

would do that too. This is a linen closet, blankets, sheets

and etc. Not too bad, but boy did I have stuff crammed in

there that I forgot, in the back.

THEN there is the living room. Now I don’t know what your

living room looks like, but mine is wall to wall around the room

with the middle open. But you can figure about 4 feet along

the walls, is something. And I wish it was all furniture like

chairs.. but no.. we have, let me see and count.. 3 cabinet

like tables, plus a coffee table my son built over 25 years ago.

Which has little cabinet cupboard in the middle and two

openings, one on each side. This unit weighs a ton. Sliders

are the only thing that will move it.. (Sliders are the greatest

invention I know of) We also have 3 bookcases. All full to the gills.

I have emptied the bookcases and removed them to the

garage.. We have 4 totes full of books. Which we moved

by a dolly, as those babies were heavy. I am amazed at

how much stuff we have collected. And we had a yard sale

before we moved in here. And two since..does this stuff breed?

Anyway, I have to go get some more totes… and my

back bedroom is full. The bed is covered from foot to


So we have no room at the Inn… hopefully no one

decides to surprise us.


Margie's Musings said...

Wow! That sound s like a real mess. But lucky you! You get new carpet.

stebbijo said...

Yeah, and you can declutter, have a great spring yard sale, and have more room!