Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Losing a friend

If you have ever lost a friend, suddenly by an accident
You know how devastating it is. It is so unbelievable.
After all, you just talked to that person, hours or a day ago.
How can this be? Why did it happen? Could you have changed
anything to prevent it? And the answer is no, you could not.
What is… is. As harsh as that sounds, it is the truth.

But it doesn’t take away the hurting feeling you have. The
numbness, you feel, almost like you feel that person is just
going to come around the corner and it was all a horrible
nightmare…but you know in your heart it is true.

How do you handle this sudden tragedy, this freak accident.
You feel this only happens on television shows, not in your life.
Yet, here you are. Your heart aches for the family and other
friends. You are in good company as you grieve. But that does
not help. Even after the funeral, you have this heavy heart.

I had it happened to me, when a friend was hit by a train and
killed shortly after she and I had ended a conversation of an hour.
Ended with, see you at work. Only to be told hours later that,
that person was gone. It took a long time to place it in a place in
my heart, where the time had faded the hurt.

This past weekend, the same thing happen to another set of
friends, and family. A missing friend, a search for days by
friends, only to end in a pond on a country road. Unbelieving
friends and family, and closure they did not want. A family who
came to town to help look for this missing son/brother…A company who
sends out employees and planes to search. Then one person,
see something strange on the road, and the search ends in
the pond below. The hurt starts with some the healing coming,
as there is closure. Why some ask… the answer to that will never
be. As with so many times it never is. Friends and a Company,
try to understand with the family.

God Bless…. May you have peace in heaven… Dennis Hopper.
Dying way too young.

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