Thursday, April 21, 2011


Where I come from, there is a saying about the weather…
If you don’t like what you see, then wait a half hour, it will
change. Which really seems to be the deal with our Idaho
weather this week.

The past two days in particular, really has brought that out.
First we start out with some frost, followed by snow big flakes,
followed by small flakes, turn to sunshine, all snow that did
stick (as most didn’t) was melted. Only to have the cycle start
again. With a little bit of rain throw in there for good measure.

Now most of us are so ready for Spring. There is seeds popping
up dancing in our heads. Visions of plants to put out, around the house.
Some inside, some outside… Flowers you see as you enter Home
Depot, giving you the yearning to buy, buy, buy so you can go
home and plant, plant, plant. So come on, Mother Nature, stop
your joking around and give us warm weather to start our mission
for the summer.

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