Monday, April 18, 2011

We are ready, early

The count down time for the carpet is ticking away but not fast enough for us.. Because we decided to jump ahead. We spend all day Saturday, moving the final furniture except to 2 large ones. And cutting and pulling up the old carpet. We were shocked at how much dirt was under it all. You could see the heavy traffic areas. And we found out that Kirby vacuum doesn’t clean any deeper than the other vacuums. As a sales person showed up a month ago and said it would clean our carpet better than others AND deeper… But it didn’t. I am not saying that Kirby isn’t a good vacuum, I am saying that no vacuum can get the dirt below the pad. The young man said his did.. Not. So here we sit with a bare floor, one chair, one couch with the television in the dining room facing the living room. Which is now packed with furniture and room for the other Two pieces. And we have a week and half to go. Oh, well. we are ready…

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