Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Tea Party will impress me when....

I see the Tea Party telling us all that they are doing this for
all American’s. That those who are running, and some winning,
are just like you and me… but I don’t thinks so. Some of them are
just as bad as the Republican’s by being so far right, I think they fell
off the plate except you can still hear them yelling. And some of them
are, well, for lack of better words or to be kind, are extremely different.

But I know it was started out to be a group, or party, depending on
what they call themselves…to do good for the American public. Some
where a lot of them fell off the track.

But I will be impressed by the Tea Party and those who did get in,
when they do several things.

1. is when they put up a bill to help us all, to put up one where all
Congress person’s wages will be cut 10% like the rest of the country.
Never ever has there been a cut. Nor has there ever been a stay in
their wages. No, they get an automatic raise, no matter if they were
good or bad, how much they were absent from voting. Never.
So get a bill AND pass it that their wages will be firm for 10 years
at least. Never raised. (personally, I think they should only meet
for 2 months a year. It wasn’t to be a career)

2. Next that they have to pay for their own health insurance that they find
for themselves…. Like a lot of a lot of employees have had to do because
the employers can’t afford to pay for it all and some can’t at all.

3. Next they have a bill that passes, that there will not be any more
lobbyist. Period. None…

4.Next pass a bill that there will not be any more tag along laws on any
laws or policies, unless it is directly to do with the bill in the first place.

5.Next give the people their rights back. The right to vote on term limits
on Congress person… or pass a law that they can only be a Congress
person for the total of 12 years. I use to think we could do that by our
votes, but we are stuck with Congress person for years and years from
other states that we can’t vote out. But we are stuck with their voting.

When they do these things, not talk about it....
THEN maybe I will be impressed with the Tea Party, otherwise they are
just a nuisance like the other two parties.


Margie's Musings said...

I certainly agree!

Dogwalk said...

Too bad it's wishful thinking!