Monday, May 02, 2011

Facebook isn't a good fit for me...

I have decided that maybe, no not maybe, that Facebook isn’t
a good fit for me. It has had its downside as much or more than
the upside of it.

I got started with it, because I have dial up server, and pictures
are hard to download for me.. some lasting 15 minutes or more
depending on how big they are sent to me. Yet, I could go to my
kid’s Facebook and see their pictures easily. Of course I had to
join to do so. So I did. My page sat pretty empty for about a year
Then as more and more of my family and then friends joined, the
more active I was. I learn real fast not to get involved with a lot of
the games. Only did the fairyland garden for a winter ..but the rest
turn out to be a headache because of my dial up or they wanted
more information than I was willing to give. But did follow a “If you
lived in Aquickneck you know” and it was for a while addictive. As
I was born and raised there.

But now I have endured a family break up, and some heavy
disagreements. Two times breaking my rule, of saying something
about it. I didn’t learn enough the first time around. Even though both
fubar were slight.. still it was a rule I lived by for 50 years. And I got
sucked in. My fault, no one else’s. I knew better.

I live 6 to 8 hour drive away from 7 of my children and 12 miles away
from my local child.… it is a good distance most of the time as they
get to live their lives without having Mom looking over their shoulder
so to speak. And the general consensus as far as my view… is what
I don’t know, doesn’t hurt me. And finding out about it weeks or months
later, works out quite well. Facebook removes that.

I even considered wiping out my Facebook and go back the old way.
Emails and phone calls. But then I lose the picture access. I thought
about hiding the family members, then I don’t get to see what they write.
And only see it when I go to their page. And maybe that is the way to
go. And then I can only see my friends and the likes I have there.
Have to give that some thought. If not, I will stick to my blogging. Less

In the meantime, I am skipping the next day or two of blogging as we are having carpet laid in the living room. We have been living with bare floors, and
little to no furniture. And all the usual stuff that one has in their living room is in totes and piled in the garage, back bedroom, dining room and etc. So it will
be a process to get everything back to normal (my niece told me that is a
setting on her washer) so won’t be around the computer for a day or two.

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Margie's Musings said...

I'm not particularly fond of facebook either. It's a large waste of valuable time and a lot of foolish games that I don't participate in.