Tuesday, May 31, 2011


We have had a visitor for a while... It was kind of funny as I was putting in fake flowers

about 3 weeks ago in some baskets I have that hang on the back porch. About a week later

I saw that the flowers I had in one, was on the deck. I went to place them back and saw

that in the basket now was a nest. So I put the flowers around the basket. And we have

seen a nervous robin, hovering around the basket. Going from garage roof to the porch.

Why she chose the basket next to the door where all the traffic was, I don't know.

But this week I am going to have some remodeling done at the back door which

is in the area of the basket. So after great thought, I moved the smaller two first.

Then I put the big one with the nest in it.. next to them.. Hoping Momma would

notice. What I had was a worrysome robin mom... So moved the basket near where

it was, but away from the hammering area...

When I moved the basket, I looked in (there wasn't anything there weeks ago.

And lo and behold.... there was two mouths open and the biggest eyes I ever saw.

The babies had fur feathers..and there was another blue egg... so these guys had

to be born this am or yesterday...(Saturday)

I was concern as I didn't know if the mom would accept the new place where I put

the basket.. but after an hour, I looked out the door and there she was ....in the basket..

Whew... relief...


Dimple said...

I'm glad she decided to stay with her nest after you moved it!

The pics of momma robin sitting in the basket are wonderful!

Bay Views said...

I have decided that there isn't anything simple about your mind. Great post.