Thursday, May 12, 2011

Summer where are thou?

I know I saw it yesterday, I felt it when my jeans and
shoes were getting heavier… I went back in about noon
and changed to shorts… Yes, shorts… that is the sign of
Summer for me.. Now the King he changes to shorts as
soon as the sun is out for more than 4 hours and the temps
are up above 50. And he is one of the last ones out of shorts
in the fall.

I have been working out in the yard for the past two days. I
now know where several of my muscles are. Ones I haven’t
evidently used since last year. I gave up bending in half to do
work, which you aren’t suppose to do anyway. I bend the knees,
and I have the senior citizen cart. It is a little Rubber
Maid (I think) cart with four wheels and has a department to put
tools and you can sit on it… which works in some areas and not
others. Like rocky areas. While I have gotten a lot done in the two
two days, I have more to do. And here we are back to cold and
Spring again.

Ah, what a tease Summer is… a few 60’s here and there, some sun
and then back to rain and wind. I know, I know in two months I would
be glad to see that, as we hit 90’s. But I sure wish the ratio was a little
more even.. 2 sunshine and 60’s (yesterday was 73) and then 4 to 5
days of rain and wind, and over cast (predicting 50’s for the weekend
and rain) … 3 sunshine to 2 rain would be better..

On another subject:
I am glad Obama chose not to show the pictures… It isn’t that OLB
deserves better… it is we, who deserve better.. Why some Americans
have a love affair with gory pictures is beyond me.. And as far as the concern
that some think maybe he isn’t dead… well, I can bet money that if
it wasn’t true… He would have been on television and brag how the
USA messed up again… and he got away… and laugh… In fact I am
surprised his people haven’t gotten a look a like to do such a thing. After
all, those dictators have had look alikes for years, Iraqi’s and 6 of them.

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