Monday, May 23, 2011

How can I complain? HOW DARE WE COMPLAIN!!

Here we go again, back to the cooler weather and wind
and rain. It seems like there is more wind this year than we
can remember……yet……

How can we complain? The temperatures in the 50’s and low 60’s
After having some 70’s over the weekend. The rain started again
Sunday afternoon and evening.. Our gardens are starting so very’
slow and we complain. It is only May, we don’t get good garden
weather until mid June. After all, we got married June 5th and it
was like winter. Our pictures show everyone still in winter coats.
Yet, how dare I complain? So what it is rainy, so what it is cool
To cold… so what……how dare I complain…..

After all, we sit here dry in our warm house… watching the television.
And what do we see? The rain, the hail, the wind…. We have a warm
dry house, they don’t even have houses, heck some of them don’t
even have towns left. All of their belongings, blown to kingdom come.
Their lives torn literally apart. Jobs? Their companies are blown to the
winds.. How can you go on, if you have lost your love one,or your home,
or your job or even all of them.… yet you see brave faces with tears,
as they walk thru rubble that was once their lives, just a day ago.
Not just one town, but towns from Louisana, to Iowa or more.
Flooded towns, tornados… and we complain about our uncomfort?

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Betty said...

You are so right. We can consider ourselves lucky if all we have to put up with is rain and cooler temperatures.